Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You know what I like?

 I like a lot of things...but something rare and wonderful happened to me yesterday.

I sat on my sofa - right in the middle of it.

Relaxation happened over me.  It was a monumental occurrence (well, I really noticed it).  I'm a mother 24/7, not only in heart, but in deed.  Since having our two boys I have become the constant of all constants.  I can NOT NOT be.  When I'm out with a friend I feel like I need to be home with my boys.  Oh, the guilt is not extremely weighty, but it's there.  Being a mother is heavy and serious business especially raising two young boys who will become men.

I mentioned this to EC last night - the relaxation happening. He was glad of it.  
I like him.

So this morning I began thinking about what I like/ goes....

kindness - all kinds...from strangers, older folks, children, babies even, animals, the wind, my car, the preacher.  I'll take it all and wrap it up close to my heart and share it and remember it and talk about it for years to come.  That's how much I like it. kindness.

being kind and thoughtful towards people, my family, my home, my clothing, my friends and those new friends that I meet in grocery store parking lots or check out lanes.  I truly love this kindness.  It has a ripple effect that becomes the kindness first mentioned.

love.  I really like love.  I love to be dreamy about love.  I enjoy keeping it alive by making it a part of my day.  It's poetic and lovely and flows and dashes and charms and makes me feel all beautiful inside and out.  It makes me dress up and do my hair and make my bed and eat lightly.  Someone once told me, "Kolein, you live in a dream world, rose colored glasses will get you no where."  You know what?  I believed them.  Until I got my new heart and mind.  It's taken a few years to build up the courage.  But here it is. Nourishment like none other, food for the whole.  I always remember to eat.  With love, it doesn't require great preparation, or planning, and I don't have to sit down at a table.  I just dream about it and there it is, there I am, in it, full of its creation...being adored by it and adoring it. love. (if you ask me how I get there...I will tell you)

water.  I really like water.  The shower spray dancing about massaging my skin and then without a moment's notice my nerves begin to twinkle and I melt; the softness and fierceness as it alters me, heals me, releases me from myself...makes me want to cry. water.

early morning quiet

Have a lovely day today!

love you gals,


  1. You are such a sweet heart. And such a great writer. I love that you found some true relaxation inside and out.

  2. Hmmm... I'll have what you're having!

    Really. I think you must love all those things (KINDNESS AND LOVE); because you ARE all those things. You are kind and lovable... If it IS rose colored glasses then give me a pair! But I think not... you have a sweet spirit.
    I think the Love of Christ exudes from you!

    blessings~ Pat


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