Thursday, April 15, 2010

IT happens once a month. You too?

Normally I wouldn't write about this.

(who am I lying to?  of course I would.)

Random Photos.  Totally unrelated to this post. Because they make me happy.
Part of my backyard.

Keep in mind this post has nothing to do with the kitchen table.  Or home redo's.

Once a month I feel so behind the 8 ball.

I hate my hair.

My tooth looks weird.  *just one

I have issues with all the relationships in my life.

Including the one with my paint brush.
More of the backyard. Summer '09

I doubt everything I am or ever will be, IF I can even be anything else.  I just feel so OFF.


Was that day.

Note to self:  Never answer an early morning phone call from the devil.

That may seem kinda, well, extreme, shall we say?

One of the paths in our backyard.  Summer '09

However, I have this rule, NOT TO ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN CERTAIN PEOPLE CALL. (and it's around that time of the month, ehem!)

Not that these people are bad.  No, I love them.

It's just they rob, choke, steal, grab, kill (yes, kill), distort, mutilate, etc. any hopes for a good day.

Front yard.

Am I the only one who has these folks around them?

You know?  You love them.  But the drama is TOO huge that you're looking at their hand thinking they've just been dismembered and all you see is a hang nail or maybe an overgrown cuticle. You keep studying their hand for signs of mutilation, you're about to hyperventilate along with them, and then after you've gotten so stirred the dawning light breaks through.  YOU ANSWERED THE PHONE AND BROKE YOUR OWN RULE!!!  Idiot!!

The people, poor souls, live in a daily frenzy.  Everything is drama.  And it's victim drama.  Now, I'm not saying that I'm perfect.  Goodness, not close.  But victim drama is really tiresome.  If everything is against a person, how could they be in peace.  How do they operate?  It must be hell for them.

More of the backyard. Fall '09

Now, today is a different day.  So I can write about this.


No way.

My entire day.  Yep, the whole thing, was like a train derailment.  It was awful.

Why did I let it get to me?  I know some one may be saying,  Oh, just brush it off and get on with the day.  What's the big deal?

I know.

I couldn't.

I received a punch to the left jaw.  Didn't see it coming.  Was thrown face down on the mat, their foot in my rib cage.  5-4-3-2....I was down, but not out.

A tree in our backyard.

She left in the late afternoon.

I loved her. I hugged and kissed her and watched her drive off.

From that moment a sense of relief washed over me as I walked up the driveway to the house.
Camping trip.  Summer '09

To hear my sons shouting, "Mommy, Lily pooped in the bedroom again!!"

Train wreck!!


  1. Do we have the same "peoples". Just yesterday I was saying I wanted to run away somewhere with no phone reception, no cable, no nothing. Just me and nature.

    Glad today is better.

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  3. Delete Comment From: kitchen table productions

    Casual (dash) Cottage said...

    I am loving this post. It just tells me that you and I ARE SOOOO MUCH ALIKE!
    I have a saying...(and it probably why I don't have many female friends) ..."I don't do needy."

    April 15, 2010 10:51 AM

  4. I am so sorry this happened to you!
    (Your yard is beautifully peaceful, by the way!)
    Yes, I have someone who likes to derail me, too, it's my own father. I have stopped answering the phone. I only communicate with him by email, now, and he lives only 5 miles away from me.
    It sounds like you may need to lay down some boundaries with this friend.
    Sounds like she needs prayer.
    Sounds like we all are supposed to learn a lesson from what happened to you yesterday: buy Lily some diapers.
    Just kidding.
    The lesson I learned from your ordeal is, I don't wanna be one of those people- the devil people, I want to bring grace and hope with me wherever I go.
    Do I have days where I complain and whine- YEP! But I live by this principle when I am feeling needy:


    Hugs to you today and prayers for your friend,

  5. Yep, I have days like that with people like that as well. I blame it on hormones. You can blame it on whatever you need to--like not having enough sense to not answer the phone. Aren't you glad I gave you permission to do that? :) I am so not into people who drain me. I'm already running on fumes with my overloaded life. I want to surround myself with people who know how to laugh at whatever life may throw them. Lord knows it's what has gotten me through.

    Glad you don't live too far from my summer destinations. I will have to dig out the map and see exactly where you are so I can see those gardens in person. They look amazing in photos! I absolutely love northern gardens.

  6. A bad day, and it is gone, and now you have talked it out, purged, so that the next day can be yours once again. So enjoy today the good day. Yes, we do, have those kind of people too.

  7. I take it a step further - I try to never answer the phone, well...ever. Unless it's my husband. ;) I had a job for several years where I was on the phone all day, every day. It ruined me, and not I'm officially phone phobic.

    But I hear ya on "those" people. They DEFINITELY get screened. :)

  8. Like Leslie the Home Maker the drama devil person in my life is a parent. We call her smother. Some people are just toxic and that time of the month or not no one needs toxic people. I have not talked with smother in 11 months and that is just fine. Toxic people make you feel bad about yourself, raise you blood pressure, increase your stress and probably cause global warming. You probably don't actually need to answer the phone for them to have this effect on you. Just having their energy coming through the phone line can make you tense. No one should have that power over you. So pretend you are a member of the FBI hazmat team and detoxify your life.


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