Monday, April 26, 2010

MONDAY'S Marvelous Mayhem

You all know where I've been.  You all know what I've been through.

Now it's time to dance!  I'm overjoyed with the outcome of our new room here!  I had to give it a name!  Ladies, meet "the coat room"!

I made the sign in the middle.  The tin mirrors on the left and right use to hang in my bedroom.  They fit here perfectly! I attached a tassel for the light so my boys can reach it.

Here's what "it" looked like before!
You helped me SO much!

Here's what we see when we walk down the hall now!  Lovely to our eyes!

Which version do you prefer?  I cannot decide.  Left or Right?

Took the very large black bench out of here.  Painted the shoe shelf - heirloom white.

Hung some photographs on the blank wall

(Doors in Provence, from my friend, Abigail's trip!  Thank you Abbie!)

Photo of a balcony in Provence!

EC's mom sat in this stool playing her beloved organ!
Rug on left came from the kitchen.

Found this in the basement.

Bought these "step flashing" things.  My 6yo used his hammer to bang 'em up a bit!  I had fun, too!

then I printed out these and painted them black
Then glued them to the flashing and stuck everything to the piece of paneling!

Found these groovy sticky things for the corners.
And hung the sign.

How has the coat room changed our lives?

Well, for one, I have gained an enormous amount of confidence in my ability to transform the mundane into something useful and creative.  Thanks to you.  Seriously.

And the amount of clutter is diminishing.  Not gone, but slowly everyone is getting used to putting their shoes in their proper place and hanging up there jackets.  My boys could not reach the coat hook before and the closet was stuffed, making it difficult to get anything in or out.  Now they run in and hang up their hats and jackets.  (after I shout at them to remind them, of course!)  

There is freedom to walk to and fro in this area.  A big score because it was horribly crowded before - doors opening this way and that, shoes all over the place, everyone bumping into each other. Now, there's the "ahh" factor.  More space.  More grace.

But, there is still the front door?
It's primed and ready to paint (see the blue tape at the bottom?).  'Cept I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out the color.  I'm leaning toward a putty color.  See it there on the door?  I was going to paint it yellow and then my hormones got realigned.  All is well now!

Have a lovely evening!



  1. I love the new coat room. I prefer the left picture, cause let's be honest - you can never have too much space to put shoes! Everything looks great, wonderful transformation!

  2. How super, it looks great, I am not sure which way I like best, they both look great. I love the curtain too. You did a wonderful job and you should be proud.

  3. I think your coat room is splendid. Every time I fix up a room or little nook, I just have to keep going back to stare at it some more! If this was my coat room I would be doing that! Lezlee

  4. Great job on your coat room! It looks great!:o)

  5. Kolein!

    "The Coat Room" turned out just wonderful! What a great change,huh? I can see already, what a difference it makes to have the curtain and not those shutter doors. I think your sign is awesome... and of course your tassel, extra length. LOVE IT!
    Nice job girl!

  6. Oh, I meant to give my input/vote.
    I personally prefer the chair version; but if I had kids at home still, definately the bench/shoe rack.
    I guess that makes me undecided.

  7. Thank you everyone! It was a labor of love! I thought about you as I was painting away and tweaking! I guess you could say, there's a little bit of you in the coat room/entryway too! Now onto the next project! xoxo

  8. I don't know which one I prefer..oh my, decisions. I love them both. At first I thought the left picture was what I liked...BUT I do love that chair in there too..LOL..I didn't help you at all did I know?

    You did an awesome job girl. It looks absolutely amazing.

  9. I think it looks absolutely great. I am soooo proud of you! I mean you did marvelous.

    My thoughts on the bench or shoe rack...Any shoe rack I have in my home turns out to be a big fat mess. Therefore, I probably would not want the rack right in the line of vision for all to see. Now, that's just my family. We can't seem to keep shoes straight.

    Would you get mad if I said it would be nice to have a bench with a lid that you could hide the shoes in and have a place to sit? I know if you are like me, you can't just go out and buy an extra piece of furniture, but it might be something you are on the look out for if you like the idea. Just a thought.

  10. hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray! You did it! And it looks fabulous. I love the signs you made.

    You'll be Tim Taylor in no time. Ok, well, maybe you should shoot for Al instead, Tim tends to blow things up. lol

    For your closet, I prefer the chair. Like Amy said, that shoe rack will get messy really quick.
    Plus, they can sit on the chari and remove/put on shoes.

    I'm so proud of you. Can't wait to see the door. I'm loving those pictures you have. I think I'll check out her shop.

    Good job my lady.

  11. Stopping by again to tell you I left something for you on my blog! =]

  12. Thank you for the comment on my dirty sneakers. Yes I do think those moments are very special. So how many times have you walked by to look at your new entrance. I know as soon as I finish a room, I have to enjoy it several times during the day. Job well done. Have a great day.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. "Nice to meet you Coat Room!
    I am glad you are not yellow!
    So, I just took off my sunglasses.
    I like the chair version of you, personally, because I love the combo of fabrics together there.
    And I like the basket to contain the shoes because it adds texture there.
    Your creator can check you off her To Do list, WOOHOO!
    So happy to meet you, Coat Room, you are lovely!"

  15. That's some re-do! I'm quite impressed!

  16. Hi, I just found you, though I'm not sure how as I've been clicking quite a few links today and I've lost track of my path! But I love your Coat Room. Just watched your hilarious video and I see you started to paint it yellow. Looks great now! And I love the fabric you used!


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