Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is there a party in the house?

Some fun facts about moi.

I'm almost a middle child.  Second of four.  That means that if I'm not the center of attention I entertain myself!!
Hard to believe, I know.

I love skirts.  I wear them nearly every single day.  Wanna know why?
Practical reason:
My bum, hips and waist just ain't what they used to be.  Yoga pants I love.  Have for at least 20 years!  So if I'm wearin' them I put a skirt on top!  Call me weird.  I love ya anyway!
I don't like my bum sticking out any more.  I used to.  Funny how that happens.

Non-practical reason:
I live in a fantasy world.  I know you're shocked!  I love the 1800's - not all the violence, famine and war.  No.  But the regalia!  I swoon over it!  Just watch a period romance.  Trust me, you may want to put a skirt on, too!
I like feeling like a lady.  I don't always look like one.  But the feeling is what I'm talking about here! When I take the dog for a walk I pretend that I'm Eliza Bennett walking the countryside of Derbyshire.  Please don't leave, k?

Also, I like to twirl.  Twirling happens only when in a skirt.  I believe twirling to be impossible in pants.


I use coconut oil in my hair.  I have this kind of hair that should be really curly because it's really frizzy, not curly at all.  Wavy. And fine.  I slather the stuff on. It's really smooth and melts in your hands.  It works wonders for the skin too.  Dry, we are here.  Flakey dry.  Coconut oil is our friend.  Google it.  It has sadhfa;fa;dfj;aidfj;ajf in it, or something like that, that over-the-counter creams/lotions do not.  Staying power is what I call it.  My skin will literally stay soft and flake-less til I take my next shower - which may or may not be the next day.  And I buy coconut oil in the grocery store. A ha!  Yes I do!  A jar of it lasts a really long time, and it's about $3.99.  It looks like crisco and feels like it too.  The scent, however, gets me every time!  Smells like a warm breezy tropical island.  And it makes me happy!  

I homeschool my two boys.  Ages, 9 and 6.  Never in a milliongazillion years would I EVER think that I would be doing that. We do books.  Oh yeah, but then, I can't stand it (actually, it's the sitting that kills me).  So we shake it up a bit.  

History lesson?

Wake up in London.  A fry-up for breakfast, afternoon tea & crumpets and converse the whole day with a British accent.  My boys do British better than I do.  (I don't know what that means!)

Math lesson?

Empty those piggy banks!  Let's go shopping in the basement for some "new" toys!  They can barter with the ones in their rooms for the same value, of course!

Phys Ed?

Get those hiking boots on, we're heading out to the hills as Native American warriors - flint stone arrows to be made!

I eat Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And I'm happier because of it. Thank you.

I have ALWAYS been this weird unique!  Since I can remember - in the high chair is when it all began...spaghetti on my head or something like that.  

I do not feel my age, nor do I believe that I am a 46 year old woman.  Nope.  I refuse that as a reality.  Thank you very much!
(except for when it dawns on me that I am and I get really nervous about it)

I don't watch television or read the news. It hurts my spirit way too much.  I do indulge now and then in PBS Masterpiece Theater or As Time Goes By, but that's it!  Just about everyone I know thinks I'm extremely odd because of this fact.  Hmm?

I wear scarfs/scarves.  I love them.  I make them.  I buy them.  I take soft silky shirts and tie them 'round my neck.  I use scraps of fabric, no hems, and wrap 'em round.  I don't know why exactly.  Do I have to?

This is the man of my dreams.  EC, is what I call him here.  He's one of the greatest men.  The love of my life. He would lay down his life for a friend. I've seen him do it. 
I cannot believe that he fell in love with me some 18 years ago!

I gave birth to these sweeties! My. My. My.  How does God do it?  All this love flowing....just pierces my soul!

This is all because of Vee at Everyday Kings! & her Honest Scrap Award!



  1. I enjoyed that honest scrap so much!

    I found out things about you that make me go...Hey! that's why I love her so much...we're really alike in so many ways.
    I had a feeling when I found out (way back) that you homeschooled; that you homeschooled much the same way as I did my kiddos. Real-life, hands-on, make it real learning.You said you use books, ...I take that to mean Living History, and great literature as opposed to texts. I think that is fantastic.

    I like MPT on PBS and Honey and I both Love 'As Time Goes By"... in fact we like a lot of British Comedies. The news hurts my spirit too.

    The more I learn about you the more... I'm glad to be your friend Kolein!

    Grace and Peace
    Your bloggy friend- Pat

  2. Cool post! My siblings and I were all home schooled using some similar methods. I think kids learn more when it's fun!

    BTW, you look much younger than 46. :o)

  3. Girl, you are one beautiful lady with a conagious smile. Your smile comes through your eyes as well.

    I loved learning more about you. It just makes me like you more and feel like I have known you forever.

    I bet you have the most fun home to live in. I can only imagine how you entertain your children.

    Blessed kids...blessed hubby...blessed blogger buddies.

  4. That would be contagious with a T...sorry I left it out. I don't really know what conagious means so I wanted to correct it just in case. :)

  5. I might have to try the skirt over the yoga pants look. I need a new look in a big way.

  6. Hi Kolein!
    I am so glad yo know that I am not the only "different" mom, lady, friend, neighbor.
    Ah, the beauty of homeschooling: I kidnapped Alyssa, (my HS freshman) yesterday and we went to two estate sales = Economics 101 (we found a set of 3 vintage Hartmann suitcases $15- will resell for $240 on Then we had lunch at Panera Bread: Culinary Critique 101, then to the salon for hairstyles/cuts: Sociology 101 + Chemistry 101. She made an A+ in all three. Then she sat her desk doing the virtual charter schooling...
    I don't "do" TV either!
    And when I "do", it's BBC productions! We especially like Dr. Who, the new stuff.
    Is there any other chocolate than dark chocolate? if so: imposters!
    I enjoyed reading about you very much and am right there with you when you say, "I do not feel my age, nor do I believe that I am a (I'm) 42 year old woman!
    I gotta try the coconut oil! My hair is like yours!
    How delightful! How fun! How entertaining to read this post!
    Hugs to you, and let's dance around the room, twirling, m'kay?

  7. I'll say it again. You are such a funny gal. I would say that I would never believe you acted this way at home -but let's face it, I'd believe you do just about anything at this point! (big grin)

    This was a great post about your life. I bet at halloween the neighborhood kids say "Hey. let's go to that crazy lady's house and see what she dressed up like this year!". I'm sure it's a ton of fun living with you.

    I love all of the BBC stuff too. My favorite is Keeping Up Appearances with Hyancith. I once saw Patricia Rutledge (Hyancith) on MPT just sitting in a rocking chair reading a book and the part I saw was fabulous. I've tried to find it a thousand times and can't. Any chance you know what it is?

    Have a great day. You'll be showing up on my blog later this afternoon.

  8. Girl! you made my day! Would love to hang out with you for a day. I need some perking up and think you are just the person to do it.

  9. I'm with you on the scarves and dark chocolate and crazy homeschooling and middle child stuff and not acting my age--oh, you said feeling, didn't you? I'm sure you are not surprised. :) I am not so much of a twirler since my foot injury, but ruffles are my friends.

  10. You had me giggling the whole post! Dont you just love a good family? I sure do. And I know just what you mean about Love piercing your soul- couldn't have said it better myself!

    Thanks for coming over for a visit! Hope to 'see' ya around again soon! Have a great weekend!

  11. I had already posted a note but it was hi-jacked. I really like it when bloggers tell about what makes them them. I liked you to begin with through your writing, still like you. No tv really, about the one thing I would miss the most is HGTV. I really have not been reading my magazines or watching much tv since I discovered blogland. Have a great day.

  12. You are such a trip! I love your outlook! I have to agree about the TV news & such, but I really do love my HGTV. It's about the only thing watch. Thanks for a peek into your life!

  13. Kolein, you are a girl after my own heart!! I love that you are you, and so awesomely, uniquely, unapologetically so!! More people should have your zest for life :)

  14. Just accidentally stopped here and immediately was glad I did. You are absolutely adorable and I'm certain we'd be crazy friends immediately, any chance you are a Sagittarius? Enjoy your writing, your spirit, your photos and hearing how you see the World, know this... you are not alone in that, so twirl, spin, laugh and dance the day and night away. Will definitely be popping by again. Sincerely, Melis


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