Monday, April 12, 2010




  1. oH kOLEIN.... I can't stop!...this is absolutely great! Honey came in here to see what in the world I was laughing at---
    Yay! you're painting your closet! I'm so proud and to think...I linked you up with an inspiring post and you're doing your closet like a mud-room/getting ready to leave!
    I'm so proud (sniff)

    I absolutely can't stop...
    Help Me.

  2. I'm honored. You said hi to me! ME! Does that make ME a movie star or somethin'?

    Oh yes, I'm here to help.

    1. Dip brush in paint.

    2. Edges first.

    3. Roll the rest on.

    4. Make another video because you'll be done!


  3. Hey girl. You are truly so much fun. I think you could be in the movies. A comedy would be just great for you. I would buy a ticket.

    Any specific questions, just shoot em...

    Good luck.

  4. I'm confused--again. Do you need help coming out of the closet? Going into the closet? Painting the closet? Videoing? Becoming a movie star? I can help you with all but the movie star part.

    BTW, where are your wrinkles? You should have wrinkles if you are really the age you say you are. Oh, and your nose does not look big to me. :)

  5. Oh my girl..You cracked me up. You remind me of myself on You Tube..I wear a baseball cap, no make up on and well the only difference between you and I (yes, we are both the same age too)..I DO believe I am a movie star! Come on girl..believe in yourself!!! lol...I so enjoyed this video....You did great! The closet turned out like a masterpiece. You go star you REALLY are!!


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