Monday, April 5, 2010

MONDAY MAKEOVER - Master Bedroom

Here's where we lay our heads down at night.

EC painted the room last year or two years ago.  It could have been longer than that.  It's sun yellow.  This room can be so drab looking due to the lack of natural light.  I was getting my fill of blues and greens and wanted to be radical.  So we went with sun yellow.  I'm not sure, please don't tell EC, if I like it in our bedroom.  It's a really lovely color.  But not in our bedroom. I know you all say, "it's only paint", but for some reason re-doing stuff is really taxing to our psyches.  We are PBP's here.  Pearl Buck People.  We started a club.  Oh, I'll have to tell you about that.

So I was going for greys and yellows.  And then I found the pillow shams at Target.  $3.74 each.  I fell in love with blue again.

I'm too fickle for all this decorating stuff.  Does that ever happen to you?

Now, two pieces of furniture, from my days in interior design NEVER to skimp on if at all possible, are your sofa and your bed.  I took that advice.  My sofa cost about the same as my first car. And our bed?  Well, it was up there too.  But quality craftsmanship all the way, baby!  And our bed is a KING - for a King and Queen of course.  Now I didn't get my first real sofa or bed until I was in my mid 30's and that was only because I happened to marry a man who had a really good job.  So.  If I wasn't married right now I don't know that I'd own either.  Just to put things in perspective.

The dressers are hand me downs.

  I have this thing about furniture when it's given to us.  Keep it.  Live with it.  Stare at it.  Use it.  Then sell it in the annual yard sale.  I have no idea why I don't just sell it to begin with.  I don't sell everything.  But we didn't get to buy the matching dressers to our bed because the furniture store went out of business.  So when EC's mom moved here we got all her stuff.  Oh, and some of her stuff is simply gorgeous.  These dressers were not.  But here they sit.  Stuffed to the hilt with stuff we don't use or wear.  So, because I'm genius some time, I'm selling them, in the, you guessed it, annual yard sale.  Oh, Mr. Sarley, sorry for all those commas!

EC doesn't know yet.  One thing at a time.

I think I'm gonna keep these bedside tables.  They were candy apple red when I bought them at an estate sale.  If you look closely on the front edge/right side you can see a bit of it showing.  I nicked it and chipped it off.  I was thinking of painting these white, antiqued like.

Here are these doors again.  EC's closet.

They used to be on mine.  Now drapes on a shower curtain rod close mine off.

These rugs are new.  They are sink-your-toes-in-oh-so-good-feeling.

So now I want to paint the room a soft grey!

Not too much to do in here.  We really LOVE it.  Most of it.

Love your words.  Any you want to share!

Here's what is my nemesis I've been working on!

Oh my.  How did I get involved in all this stuff???  Can someone remember?


  1. Hey girl. I think the yellow is pretty but I think the soft gray would be very nice. No help at all, am I? I love the bench at the end of your bed.

    Okay, I was thinking when you wrote hand me downs that I would have had to think about how to spell it because I always run the words together. Something like...hammedowns. Just sayin...

    Also, I saw on another blog about the chandi in the laundry room where you asked if her husband could squat when he was in there...You kill me. How funny!!! You are one funny lady.

  2. Me & slipcovers...not a good idea!

    In our previous house, our bedroom was yellow, almost the same color as yours. And like you, what seemed like a good idea at the time quickly got on my nerves. We moved just so I wouldn't have to paint. (kidding!!)

    I think a soft grey would would be very soothing and calming. But painting is something you just have to be in the right mood to accomplish.

    Good luck!

  3. The slip cover is coming along and the recipes I saw earlier look so yummy! Lezlee

  4. I love how your sconces with the leaves match your oh-so-stick-your-foot-in-it rug! Something to dream about tonight. Thank you! :O)

    My best, Lynn

  5. Sorry the recipes were from the post above you in my dashboard... Mud Pie... looked yummy! Lezlee

  6. Well, Kolein... the bedroom looks nice. I happen to like yellow.
    I also happen to like grey/gray? either way, I just recently painted my bedroom a grey with hint of bluegreen ... weird color, but soooooo relaxing.

    if the dresser doesn't suit you... why not paint?
    How come there are no such things as hand me ups?
    And if there were...what do you suppose they'd look like?

  7. Great phoos.
    If colours were people the yellow would be the happy gang – orange, its close neighbour in the colour spectrum, would be the go-lucky crew. If you need something positive in your life, these are the colours that you should look to use for the positive energy and a more invigorated and energy-filled approach to life

  8. My spare room is that yellow and I love it. But then I'm a bit cottagey in my upstairs. I would be more cottagey downstairs if . . . well, that's a long story. I'm sure grey could look good, but it's too grey for me. I like more *happy* colors. :) Grey is cool and classy--unlike myself. Did you even ask for my opinion. Oh, probably not. So sorry. Now blue--I like blue. I think it can be happy even if it's cool. I'll shut up now.


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