Saturday, November 6, 2010

Feeling TWIGGY?

Here I come!


TWIGS are my thang!

I use twigs...well...just about everywhere.

They're cheap

and plentiful in our forest-like backyard.

Now, I really dig the window boxes this year.


Well, he loves them, too.

But he can't let a moment go by without a tease making fun of my decorating choices!

He's had fun at my expense.

So he calls these:

Morticia Addams Window Boxes!
He says, cracking himself up, that it really pokes a nice jab into those serious decorator types who may drive by our house!
Just for the record:
NO ONE drives by our house.
We live at the end of a dead end street.
I think it's funny, tho, that he thinks it's funny!
All fall we've been rattling off sayings about the window boxes.
Morticia won!


a little torn burlap, a million or so TWIGS
some gourds.

Then to keep with the burlap theme, what?, we have the ever popular TWIG wreath hanging right out front on the new fence.

It's starting to look like someone real lives in this house.
(remember post-partum for 8 years?)

Our front stoop.
TWIGS in a bucket.

TWIGS in the living room.

TWIGS here and TWIGS...


Why, when my 10yo was 5, he painted this: a Sharp Shinned Hawk eating a dove in our backyard.
We hot glued the TWIGS and whatnots to cardboard for a home school art fair.

TWIGS in a little tin bucket with a faux votive light for a petite table decoration for Thanksgiving this year,

along with a TWIG place setting. (real leaf)

This one is for Marianne at Songbird.
I REALLY & TRULY never took one of our Christmas trees down from last year!
(sits in our dining room)



So go out on a limb and see what everyone else is doing for SNS!
Have a bough-UTIFUL evening! 


  1. Oh my gosh... I can't keep up with you! This is fabulous!

    #1. tell non decorator hubby that I LOVE the Morticia flowerbox! (yeah, even though it has no rust, I can deal with it this round)

    #2. are you certain you aren't related to M in black? You know, going by that last pic and all.

    #3. I can't wait to hear what non decorator hubby says about next weekend's numbers theme. Oh the suspense!! (freak him out and number his food?)


  2. Your flower box is cute! Great idea! I love that last picture of you with the twigs in your hair...too funny! :)

  3. I love what you have done with your hair!! It's so you. I really love your place setting. So cute with the really little leaf.

  4. Your window box is fun! Love the twig that a white picket fence? I have always wanted a white picket fence. To me it says, "Welcome to my happy home." :)

  5. hhhmmm? I take it you like twigs !? :o)
    just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my little blog and leaving a message...I also love bringing the outdoors in...and 'twigs' just happen to look so nice! if you get a chance take a look at my post 'getting my Martha' on and 'one table three looks'....guess I guess we share that weird obsession which i was not aware until now......Anyway...sorry for the novel...thanks again and thanks for the hairdo tip...looks good !

  6. Love the twigs in your hair most of all. I really love the twig place settings. So cool... And you know I love the twiggy picture frame of your sons. make me smile!!

  7. Ha Ha Ha! Two thumbs up from me on that post: you inspired me with your decorating (gotta try hanging a wreath from the railing on my deck-faboulous idea)AND had me laughing too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I laughed out loud at your pic Kolein... Only you could be that awesome! I love all of your decor, maybe the then 5yr old's my fave, but then again, you had so many great pieces! Thank you for always being a bright spot in my day!

  9. Hey lady, it seems like since you decided not to sell you have a renewed interest in your house. The bit of outdoors I'm seeing in these pictures looks absolutely charming.

    I love the way you use all your twigs, and I think the window box idea is great. Keep the twigs and change out the seasonal decor as needed - easy peasy decorating - just the way I like I it.

  10. LOL! Twigs HERE and Twigs THERE... twigs in your HAIR... twigs EVERYWHERE!!

    I think you are queen of twigs! Great ideas!

    I'm lovin the window box... I love the place settings... great idea for Thanksgiving! And I love the tree that still up... REALLY! :)

  11. Kolein...what can say? What a great sense of humor in your household.

    Love the idea of the twigs with the tealight and the place setting with the twigs/leaf. So festive!

    Not sure how you did it, but the twigs in your hair are really working for ya! :) LOL, girl!
    My hubby is in New Orleans and my kids are sick so I appreciate the laugh!

  12. It takes a lot to inspire me these days, friend, but you have. I can't wait to do my hair tomorrow. :) hehehe Love it all--especially the flower box.

  13. LOL you got me beat there. My summer wreath might still be on my door (yes yet again) but at least I'll have to drag the Christmas tree out of its box in the attic.
    I love twigs! I love your twigs even more. And your hubbie must have been looking at the Adam's Family with a decorator's eye to remember her window boxes. If anything it says a lot about him.
    And I happen to think your window boxes look great.


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