Monday, November 15, 2010

Movin' Makeover Monday - a little spot that makes me smile

Ok, we haven't moved YET.

However, we all make the best with what we have and since I'm not moving into another house at this moment, I thought I'd jazz up a little spot in our breakfast room.

It makes me sing.

On with the show:


Transformation began with her
my first slip cover EVER
you can read about Louisa here

thanks to


 Then my sweet neighbor sewshesews went to the GW and bought these plastic gold things for me. (after I LOVED and ADMIRED hers!!)
Don't you love neighbors who do these kinds of things - unexpected like?
(oh and she gave me the print too!  almost forgot that!  I hand painted the gold frame to a silver)

(Something was goofy with blogger while I was uploading these photos.  It wouldn't take my updated ones.  My apologies for the grainy darkness.)

I spray painted the sconces.  Hot glued glass votives on them and placed a candle in each.  (the one in my hand will be spray painted too! I just found it at the SA and since I didn't have a b4 shot of the others this will give you an idea)

Then I fell deeply in love with our Anthropologie store here.  I wanted to move into it and live there.  Then I went home.  The only thing I could afford was a knob - on sale.  Heh!

So I put it all together and it makes me smile!

Then I asked the boys to go outside and gather ALL THE TWIGS YOU COULD FIND!!!  2 Red Flyers full!  Here's some.

I put a few here.
The others?  Oh man, if I can get that project done...well, you'll know about it!
Have the nicest of evenings!


  1. I love your after. Your slipcover is fantastic. Great job, girl!

  2. Hey Kolein--
    I just got back and...just like coming in on the tail end of a conversation I don't know what all the ruckus is about with TWIGS...
    twigs really?

    well, anyway-- last I saw you were house hunting, now you're not moving and I love your little spot.

    Boy I've got some reading to do-- I'm not up to date on ANYTHING...

    I'm just 'happy as all get out' I get to be here now!

  3. What a great redo! I love the chair, especially. Lezlee

  4. I love your slip covered chair. You did an amazing job! Is that an old piano stool next to it? I love that too. Can I hire your kids to find stuff for me? I can't wait to see what you're doing with all those twigs! Are you linking up again to FJ?

  5. I love the change! You're getting so handy at pulling things together that work for you, and making them look so pretty. You've come so far since the school bus yellow closet! :) Makes me so proud.

  6. I love Anthro too. Last week I saw an article in a magazine that suggested using a tablecloth from Anthro to throw over the back of a plain couch to give it an updated look and add color. If only I had an extra $198!

  7. Wow... great job on the slipcover Kolein... it all looks great!!

  8. Hey there, nice chair! Seems we both have slipcovering on the brain, eh? That little spot looks so inviting now. Great job!


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