Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gitter Done - Closet ReVamp

Donna gives us a challenge.  If it weren't for her I seriously doubt this stuff would get done.

My bedroom closet.
 I NEVER wanted to get dressed.

My closet.
This is my fall/winter ensemble.

All my spring/summer wear is in a huge pile in the basement storage area.
(Yes, I wear my Teva sandals in the winter.  What?)

The rest of it,
is in the back of my car, ready and waiting to be delivered to the good will.

Not a single penny was spent to create my fall/winter closet.
I dug through every drawer/cupboard/closet to find what I needed.
Hooks, curtain rod, hangers, tie-backs, fabric, etc.

Even the little storage bins, baskets 

and next-door-curb-find shelf, I had.

Gloves, winter scarves/hats here.

In the spring, I just flip the tag and store hats, sunglasses, etc. up here.

Made the drapes yesterday.

I'm so pleased that I do just go in and stare at the whole place.
Puts a smile on my face.

Even the flowers were free - one of the guys in the band brought them for us to enjoy!
Thank you Donna!  For motivating and creating!  You take a pretty dull, boring and tedious job and make it a true creative happening for us!
I feel so much lighter now!


  1. Great job and you didn't spend a cent? Bonus points I say!! :)

  2. I was reading through all that you did, and then all of a sudden, something jumped off the page to me. You know in cartoons how their eyes bug out - well, that was me when I read............I made the drapes yesterday.........

    Ohhhhh, you make me so proud. You've sewn your pillows, you've slipcovered your chair and ottoman, you've altered your own clothes, and now, NOW you've made your own drapes. :) I think I'm tearing up.....yep, I am. So, so proud of you.

    Oh yeah, and the closet looks fabulous too.

  3. Add me to the proud as pie list!!!

    Girl, this closet redo is fantabulous! My eyes did the same thing when I read you just like whipped up those drapes yesterday in between your first coffee and breakfast. Good grief!

    Remember the day you lost it due to the mess? It's my guess that you escape to your places of calm when you feel that again. And more of those places are cropping up due to your hard work and lovely decorating. And I couldn't be happier for you!

    p.s. that curbside shelf sooooo made me smile! I remember the before pic and thought, I cannot WAIT to see what's in store here!


  4. Wow, that looks amazing! It's so organized and well thought out. Love the little boxes. I feel lighter just looking at it. Can't believe you did all that and made curtains on top of it. Woohoo...

    I read that a person only wears about 8% of their wardrobe. I think there might be some truth to that. I seem to wear the same two pairs of jeans, all the time.

    Nice of you to load the car up and give back... a win/win.

    Thanks for sharing your work! Have a great evening!

  5. Wow! It looks great, come on over...I need a closet cleanup! Lezlee

  6. Looks soooo good! Feels good too, doesn't it? I'm impressed with your drapes and your boxes and your shelf. That label that you flip - ummm why didn't I think of that ? I'm filing that away...

    Great job, Kolein!!

    Took my bags to Goodwill this a.m. Put them in the car last night so they wouldn't gather dust in a corner for two months <---can you tell that has happened before??

  7. You GO Girl!!! I am so proud of you. Your closet looks great and those curtains rock!

  8. Great Redo on the closet! I am actually inspired to go clean out mine! But I am sure I will get over it! Thanks for stopping by Rustic Whimsy!

  9. Kolein that is Awesome! Looks terrific and don't you feel sooo much better? Did I say great job? Cause it is!

  10. Kolein... it rocks girl! Looks good and I bet it feels good to be so organized!

    I'm glad you are getting dressed now... and hey... I sometimes wear my tevas in the winter, too! :)


  11. Your closet looks wonderful. You are so good to actually get the clothes, etc. into the trunk, sometimes mine only make it to the hallway.

  12. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I posted a tutorial on my Memory Table. It is up now at my blog, Rustic Whimsy!

  13. Great job on that! Wow! Laughed at the tevas, my daughter wears her flip flops year round, even on snowy days. We even got her fleece lined flip flop slippers!
    Love that you did it all with what you had, you're my kinda girl ;).
    I totally hear you about just going to stare at it throughout the day. I'm guilty of that too! Kinda checking to see if I just dreamt it or if I really did it!
    Well done, my friend, well done.

  14. I desperately need to do this! My closet is a situation, to say the least. We are moving next weekend, so maybe I can do some cleaning out while moving.

  15. Visiting from Gitter Done Party! Wow, your closet turned out great! I love stuff like that, when you can just use stuff you already have, and make it more useful. I redid my closet a couple month ago, and I love it so much more now! Great job!


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