Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning to be a photographer (someday)

*with a little help from my friends*


Not only do I follow, read, learn, get inspired & laugh
I study.

I'm in awe of how talented so many of you wonderful friends are. 

Let's start with the pictures.


was showing us how to use our cameras the other day.  I really would like to be a good, accomplished photographer at some point.  I realize that may take some time.  

I have to begin.

Why not today?

Here are a few photos without touch ups.

I wanted to use what Donna showed us about the close up settings on our cameras.  I have a point and shoot camera as well as a swanky camera with a lens. 

I used the swanky one for the pictures below.

EC bought it for me for my birthday last year.
He's my techno-giver-lover guy!

He's so funny.  I've been asking for a new house for years.  And he buys me things like pots and pans for the kitchen, a double oven, a laptop and a camera.  He thinks I would love these things.

I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*you must scream as you read that, ok?*
(to get the full effect)

Guess all those goodies will be put to good use in the new house, too.

I'll leave you with these photos.

I would really love your input here on my blog photos.  These and the others.
Any and all suggestions, tips, etc. would be helpful.

I'm the student.



  1. I think those look great Kolz. The clarity of your subject is fantastic in each photo.

    If you want really good photo tips, be sure to check out Kim Klassen's photoshop tutorials, and also The Pioneer Woman's photoshop tips and photography tips.

  2. I like!! You have a swanky camera? I'm jealous too.

    Something I'd like to suggest is, after you think you have the final shot, get up closer and just try it. Then try a different angle. Get on your knees. Stand up. Side to side. Try it ALL and don't stop because it's there that you learn all about angles, backgrounds that work/don't work, etc.

    Did you use a tripod? They look pretty sharp! If you didn't, add that to the list of must tries.


  3. Oh! And try your subject off center too. They're trickier to pull off but have an interesting look.


  4. I'm learning too. I don't even have a fancy camera. I have read a few tutorials here and there. Yet another work in progress for me. I think your pics look pretty good but I'm no pro. I like the second one from the top especially. :) :)

    Trendy Treehouse has a photography linky every Tuesday and they pick winners each week. You should enter!

  5. I think they are great! Good for you for getting right out there and doing it! I just have a point and click, so I would be jealous, but don't think I would put the necessary time in, to learn. Lezlee

  6. Note to self: Must get swanky camera! You're pictures are amazing! I love the tree with berries, photo. It looks so crisp... I could almost reach out and touch it. I need tips from you, obviously. My camera is a Cannon digital. It's been dropped a few times. I really think it doesn't like me :)

    Oh, and my brain has been shut off all day so I can relate.

    Take care, Kolein!


  7. I think you did great! I love that one little raindrop. I agree with you...I would love to take better photos. My husband does well, but me, not so much. I do okay.

    Good luck with your learning. I know you will do great just like with your art and your sewing.

  8. I love the first two shots. I'm a student too. I am trying to decide on a new camera for xmas. Which do you have? I'm taking an online course over at Kim Klassens Cafe on using photoshop. There's a button on my sidebar if you want to have a look. I'm always learning. My oldest is a photographer but he lives in Atlanta so he's not here to teach me all the time.

  9. They look great for being a student!!! I definitely ditto what Donna said…try many, many different angles with the same subject. Makes you think outside of the box. :)

  10. Can't add anything, but your shots look great!

  11. Looking good, looking very good.
    Now with the swanky camera. Put the settings on RAW for a change. You can do some major post editing that way. (that's how I make all my indoor pictures look like the sun is shining).


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