Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grass/sticky white bread does not make for a Monday Makeover

A little blade of grass

can alter a day

The whole entire day

....well, at least a few hours

These were the crucial hours to finishing my 6yo's room


posting about it

'cuz I was inspired...

so inspired


I'm a mom.  First.

cough...gag...cough....all morning, running in and out of his room where I was creating...in between doing his math and english....cough..gag..."mom, my throat...it hurts...there's something stuck...."

"Oh, you've had a cold. It's probably just a sore throat.  Go finish your school work." (as I try to figure out how to hang a very large roman shade on his window and put holes in the freshly painted you read that right walls.  Oh how I just want to stand and stare at those walls and not put one single screw or nail into them)

Cough. GAG!

"Mooooooooawm! There's something stuuuuck!"

"Open your mouth."

"I don't see anything. Go get a flash light. And a tongue depressor."

"A what?"

"Popsicle stick.  A popsicle stick from your arts and crafts."

"Open wide and say, AHHHH!"


(that's what I thought)

What I said was,

"Yep, there's some thing there. I don't know what it is."

"It's grass."

"Grass?  Were you eating grass?"

"uh huh."

"Why were you eating grass?"

"Violet told me to."

(Violet is the absolute cutest, sweetest, pick-her-up-and-eat-her-in-one-bite after you smother her with smacking kisses, four year old who lives next door and plays with our boys everyday and rings the door bell or comes inside when their not home because she misses them)

"Violet told you to eat grass?"


There's this sweet spot between our yards where the kids play.  We have seven or so (never counted them) tall cherry trees all in a row along the side of our front yard.  Violet and Asher, her 6 yo big brother, come over and all four children play by these trees.  It's the nicest little shaded spot for them.  They collect frogs there.  Build things.  Talk.  Giggle.  And apparently eat grass.

So off to the pediatrician's office we go.

It's lodged in his glotus.

"So", he says, "I hear you've been grazing, Sean."

The doc takes a look.

Grabs some tools.  Has my son hang his head upside down off the examining table.  On the second attempt he carefully pulls out a 3-4 inch blade of grass with the roots still attached.

High fives!!!  Jubilance!!!!

In the car ride home I got the full story.

"Mom, it was white bread."

"White bread?"

"Violet gave me a piece of white bread and there was some grass on it and it got stuck in my throat."

Sticky white bread, hmm.


  1. You have a very interesting life there Kolein! I'm sure that kid was in misery for a moment or two, but it sure makes for a funny story.

    Freshly painted room huh? When can we see it? Did you inflict any bodily harm on anyone while doing that project? I'm anxiously waiting to see what you've done to the room.

    Have a great day Kolz!

  2. Omg, kids and their weirdness! What a hoot! Oh the things kids will do. Reminds me of the time I took my son to the doctor for some ear problems. Turns out he had a berry stuck in it. Yup, he took it upon himself to insert a berry from the bush out back into one of his ear. Never told anyone and a couple of weeks went by. Why? Kids are weird man!

  3. Ha! that's great. I thought I was the only one that had weird kids... my son stuffed cheerios up his nose. Good thing it was cheerios I guess-- the whole in the middle helped him to breathe easier. Don't know how long it was in there. But don't worry I got it out!
    That was one kitchen table production there. I made him lay across my kitchen table and hang his head back and use long tweezers MYSELF! No Dr. for him! no way...

    about that paint? So it's all painted. That EC -- he's the greatest, huh?

    Can't wait to see it.

  4. Girl, that is so funny. Poor fellow...what boys will do for pretty girls. Glad it's gone and didn't take root in his tummy. :)


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