Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday became whimsical, girls!!!

So, I'm standing outside on my patio talking with the person who I am about to show my house to... 

(we're selling it someday)

...and the postal carrier person walks up my front lawn and hands my oldest son this enormous box.

"It's from Grandpa!!!", they shout whilst jumping up and down.

I look at the return address.


"Who then?"

"I don't know."

"Open it!!!"

"Nope. Not now."

Can I just say here among friends that tiny file folders are now "my one weakness?!"
I screeched out loud, scared the bajeebers out of EC, when I opened the most, and I mean, MOST, lovely box I have ever seen in the whole of my life.  (I like writing like I live in 19th century England).
I had forgotten.  Well, like completely right-out-of-my-mind forgotten about this wonderful and thrilling little adventure Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage was having a month ago.  A swap.

But you see I was retired from this gig (or something like that...nasty rumors...Donna!) and had 64 other things going on and so I forgot to do my part.  But dear, dear, sweet Leanne, from OrganizeYourStuffNow, did not.  Don't you love it when others don't forget and you do and you get the big lovely box in the mail so you can then get all excited about blogging again and connecting with girlfriends and go 'round your house making up a box of goodies from your heart and soul creative spot?  Yeah, me too!
Numbers!!!!!!!!!!  Ever since I read and saw the "number high" that Donna is on over at FJI, I got high, too. I never did get high on numbers before.  Actually, I never noticed numbers.  Now, I'm so into numbers.  The influence you all have on me could be quite troublesome if I think about it too long.  So I won't.

Little frames, miniature clothes pins *swoon*, sticky letters, tiny papers, shells, buttons, ribbons, ornate pin thingys, mossy things, the box.....

And my favorite journal book EVER because the sweetest birdie lays on its cover - reminds me of Denise's darling birds from LIVING LIFE CREATIVELY.

I melted all over the floor when I saw it.

Leanne, you made my day!  The whole day!  All 24 hours of it!  I'm including the ones still ahead because I'm so over-the-top happy about this gift that the joy will undoubtedly spill into the wee hours of the morning as I sleep and dream about what I will do with these precious treasures.  I think just looking at them sitting on the kitchen table will be perfect.  For now.

With my whole heart, thank you!


  1. Is it Christmas in the states?!? Oh my gosh... I LOVE Leanne's work too! Lucky duck you!!

    As for your blog settings, try this:

    Edit HTML

    scroll down and find:

    Header wrapper
    change to
    width: 950px; (just change the NUMBERS)

    Outer wrapper
    width: 975px; (numbers only!)

    Main wrapper
    width: 600px; (numbers only)

    sidebar wrapper
    width: 325px; (numbers only)

    scroll WAY down until you see

    Footer wrapper
    width: 650px; (numbers only)

    Main - where you type
    sidebar - sidebar
    header - logo area
    outer - entire outer blog area
    footer - under where you type

    These are my settings for my blog, but you can tweak them as you wish. Just remember, your MAIN and SIDEBAR must be less together than your HEADER, and OUTER must be the largest of them all.

    Now you're a computer nerd assistant. :)


  2. What great stuff! This looks like such fun. How does someone get involved in this swap?? How often does this happen? I saw Leslie's great stuff too. Can you tell I'm a little green with envy?

    Oh and I left you a little something over at my blog. Don't get too excited, it's not another box full of goodies! But it is an award :)

  3. What a great treat for you! I have never done anything like this and it looks great!

    I would have been screaming and dancing around too if I gotten all those goodies.

  4. Hi Kolein, I'm so happy you like everything. I had fun coming up with cuteness to put in the box. I have a confession. I loved some of these things so much that I bought myself some too. I hope you don't mind we have matching numbers, clothespins and ribbons. Enjoy the treasures in the box. You're such a sweetheart to write a whole post about it. Have a beautiful day!

  5. I think my whole neighborhood would have heard me girl if I opened up that package. Oh absolutely amazing. I had to control myself and not join you in screeching because my family is still sleeping. lol.

  6. You are making so many blog friends because your warm happy personality shows right through our monitors.
    Thank you for commenting on our son James. The years 14 - 18 just about did me in but I'm thinking we have turned a corner. I'll keep you posted. :)
    Your boys, if they are anything like you, and I bet that they are will turn out to be true gentlemen.

  7. What a great box of treasures! Lucky you!! I can't wait to see what you do with your numbers!

  8. Wow! What a haul, can't wait for you to create something great!


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