Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tassel Tuesday presents: Hanging around

This post has not one single thing to do with tassels.

I've been out looking at houses all day.

My head hurts.

But I wanted to tell ya

in case you didn't already know

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is having another party! 

When she hits 2000 she's celebrating.

And we can all join in.

Now I know most of you over there on the sidebar already know Donna.

In case you don't follow her, may I make a suggestion?


You will not, no never, be sorry for it.

In fact you will be better for it.

Trust me.

And those of you who read here and don't have a blog or follow or any of this blog lingo,

you can join too!

Real simple.

Go to the side bar and click FOLLOW.

And then DONE.

That's it.

Last time I checked she was at 1978!!!

This morning she was at 1949.

So we're all helping her get the word out!!!


Now I've gotta figure out whether I'm coming or going or staying or leaving.

We just got a call from my sister.
Her friend wants to buy our house.
Somebody help me!


  1. YAY!!!!
    A buyer!!
    Is this good?
    You are wanting to move?
    Are you?
    I'm confused, which is natural, but you need to give me more details, chick! ;)
    I'll go check out the followers event and tell her you sent me.
    Hugs to you-- you'll be all right.

  2. I see you're sharing some bloggy love!

    But wait a minute...! stop the presses. You need to be keeping us up to speed on the Hacienda Situation!
    That's all you can tell us, you've been looking at houses all day... and you have a head-ache?
    No, no, no Kolein -- this just will NOT work!
    Details-- girl, we need details.


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