Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Decor Part Deux

 Here are some pictures of our Christmas.

It was a beautiful Christmas.
For many reasons.

These are just some of the decorations and a little of what we did here at our house.
I thought about all of you periodically throughout
the passed few days.
For many reasons.

Hope you enjoy the photos.  There are thousands.
Well, pretty close.
nature's decor could NOT be beat

our front door

and entry way

quick candle make over

remember my FREE Lowes boughs & wooden "coasters"?
stuck them inside an SA wreath

don't have a proper cloche?
grab a cheese board cover, add some pine cones
instant decoration
then add one of the very first home decor items
I ever purchased 

"LL Bean, you've been so good to EC.
But he's saying goodbye to this shirt that has seen the mountains, the rivers, the back country on and off for close to 20 years.
Thank you."

Momma has other ideas for you.

Our stockings this year!
Guess whose are whose??

then I made these cute stocking hanger covers after seeing

Thanks Kendra!!!

this is our classroom/family room/music room
It has lots of personality
NOT much style
I pushed the classroom cupboards together
(the boys were very happy to see that their school was being closed for a couple of weeks!  *wink*)
My sweet crafty neighbor gave me the IKEA leaf cloth.
So I draped it over the cupboard.

These "ugly" gourds were part of my fall decor outdoors,
still in good condition.
I gave them new life.
-little black eyes with a Sharpie-
Bitty Birds having a chat!!!

birds were sort of a theme
sort of
here's the BIG Craig's List tree
I think it was $25 a few years ago
Worth every single cent

even decorated the pulled pork for Christmas Eve

But the next photos are my favorite
EC lounging in the family room after the boys went to bed and I finished putting out all the gifts underneath the tree.
Oh and that's the boys tree back there
with their home made ornaments.

Christmas Day going out like Santa's elves to deliver
home made goodies to the neighbors.

This was one of my absolute favoritist things to do EVER!

Happiest of holi-days

and EVERY days!



  1. Magical. The decor (kudos!!), and the more personal family favorites. LOVE your gift giving thoughtfulness!


  2. Kolein! You did a fabulous job my friend. Great idea with the coasters... I like that idea!! And that 20 year old shirt... 20 years?? I love how you turned it into stockings... very cool... and of course I'm lovin' the mitten stocking holder covers... they are A-DOR-ABLE!

    Those gourds... they DO look like birds... I love it~ It's all great... even the decorated pulled pork...LOL!


  3. Love you in your hat! All of your decor looks great. Great idea for the shirt to make the stockings. You are very clever.

    So glad you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year, my friend.

  4. Your house looks so cute and cozy!! I love those stockings you made from your husbands shirt! Your kids look so cute in their reindeer antlers! :0)

  5. Thanks for sharing all your decor pics. Beautiful!
    I think I might borrow the elves to the neighbors idea, and by the way I love your hat :)

  6. How very festive! You've become quite the little decorating genie, haven't you? I love seeing how you always incorporate things from nature into your home. I really think it will have a positive effect on how your boys grow up and teach their own children.

    It all looks great! And you're right, you can't beat the snow. Here in KY, we got 4 1/2" inches, which was a big deal to my nephews who have never had a white Christmas. It looks wonderful on your fence.

    Very clever upcycling for ECs shirt. Those are rusticly adorable.

    Glad you had such a great time!

  7. Kolein--
    loved the photo session. I can relate to the 20 year old shirt-- makes great stockings now. clever!
    The snow pictures were lovely- my favorite the picket fence with the snow covered wreath.
    The tree was beautiful-- and I loved the gifting the neighbors. Wonderful thing to teach the kiddos.

    Your hat and EC lounging on the floor.
    Reminded me of
    Ma-Ma in her kerchief... and
    Pa-pa (EC) just settling in for a long winter's nap
    thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm so jealous of your white Christmas. Love your shirt stockings! Very cute!

    Such a gift to have you as a neighbor. Your giving and happy heart transfers to your elves... I mean kids :)

    Thanks for sharing, friend! Cute hat, btw. Wishing you many blessings for the New Year!


  9. I love the snow pics! We actually got about 3 inches which is exciting for us. Your stockings & covers are so clever. I'm going to have to remember the gourd to bird transformation. You know I love birds!! :)

  10. It all looks wonderful Kolein! I love the stocking you made out of EC's shirt. Love them! And the holder covers too.

    I have that same white felt tree. It would never stay taped where I put it. The darn thing would always fall off. Now, it's just leaning. I had plans to do something with it that I never had time for. Along with the ornament wreath I never made! Maybe next year :)

  11. I love the combination of the natural with the white in your decor. Great job!

  12. You are the cutest family. Love your decorations. I remember when my boys were young... their excitement was so much fun in making the holiday season a giddy time. Oh and yes, the Sears Santa visited my house with a camera. Now if I could just figure out how to work the darn thing... Have a wonderful day. I has snowed here a ton and I hope to take some new picts.

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Wishing you a truly great 2011, with lots of decorating, and finding your style. Here is to happy blogging in the new year! Cheers.

  14. So lovely, those stockings and their history are just wonderful :)
    Awesome snow too :)


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