Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Made Vanilla

Easy to make baking vanilla

Cheapest & largest glass bottle of vodka

Madagascar or Tahitian Vanilla Beans (on line)

Split open beans with knife

Place in bottle

Close bottle


Oh you can shake it every few days or so if you want more work.
I didn't.

Leave the bottle in a cool dark place for about a month.

Again. Done.
Here's some photos.
split the beans to open them up a bit.
throw in 20 or so for a 1.5 liter.
I threw in more.

Madagascar beans are most common.
They offer a rich, woodsy flavor.

Tahitian have a more delicate flavor.

I bought both kinds.

Since I'm giving my baking vanilla as gifts, I had a little bit more work. 

I ordered some cute bottles with cork tops on line.
Bought a hunk of bees wax.
(this is to seal the bottle - I'll be shipping a few bottles and didn't want them to leak.  you can buy wine bottle sealer if you want.  it was too much money and it only came in burgundy red.  I like the natural look and smell of bees wax)

pour vanilla into bottles

melt bees wax in clean tuna can (a taller can will not work for the bottles that I bought)

After the bottle is tightly corked, dip the tip in the wax until you have the seal you want.
I liked mine hardy & thick looking.

And since I have to add MORE STRESS to my life than is necessary I went running all over town looking for those old fashioned envelope wax sealers doodads...and couldn't find them until I called my sweet and very crafty neighbor who knew exactly where to get them and even what aisle they were in.  Yeah.  That's a craft girl, if I ever met one!  By the by, she and I each did this project.  You can click on the link up there and get right to her site!!  Crafty I tell ya!!

Here's the doodad.  I bought one with hearts too!

Here's what it does
I absolutely LOVE the organic - ness of it all!

Here they are getting ready for Christmas!

The label was downloaded and printed onto sticky label paper.
You can get all the info on the links below!

I was trying to do the math and price out how much each bottle would be.  I got tired so I'm guesstimating here:
4 oz bottle 
Under $2


  1. I love this idea Kolein. I wish I had done this last month so I could give as gifts. Can you remind me next year? Okay, thanks!

  2. That bottle is gorgeous Kolein, you should sell them, course there's the FDA and the all that, but whew, that is cool!

  3. Kolein!

    Such a sweet gift idea! great job getting it all done and ordered. KUDOS on the wax stamp doo-daddler, too! A very nice touch I think.

  4. Martha Stewart better move over! Those are awesome, Kolein! These will make such wonderful gifts! I love the bottles and tags! Aside from the wax tops... vanilla looks fairly easy to make.

    Thanks for sharing! I hope to try it someday, soon.


  5. Girl, that is just incredible looking. I am so impressed with you, as usual.

    I need to try this one out.

  6. Wow. #1 I'm stunned at how easy it is to make vanilla. #2.. VODKA? I had no idea! #3. Packaged to the HILT.

    What a cool share, K! I sure hope you link this up to the theme this weekend. It IS a recipe after all. :)


  7. LOVE Vanilla (Bean) anything!! OK... I'll be waiting for my bottle in the mail! ... I know... I'll be waiting for a long time huh? LOL!!

    Love the bottling idea and using it for gifts!!

    I was wondering if you had to order vanilla beans online... I've looked in regular grocery stores but no luck... maybe organic type stores have it??? THanks for the info Kolein!

  8. Wow! Those bottles are amazing. Where did you learn to make vanilla? Can't believe you use vodka for that. So neat - so glad you shared.

  9. Looks amazing! What do you guys use 'baking vanilla' for then? Is it just for flavouring? I haven't heard of it here in UK.. anyway I'm sold.. vodka + vanilla = sounds awesome!

  10. Your vanilla bottles are totally adorable. I am making homemade sking scrub tomorrow so I hope I can channel some of your creativity when I decorate the jars. Thanks for the inspiration.


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