Friday, December 3, 2010


I headed out early today (11am) to run some errands.

I stopped at the S A and scored very well.

Then, I was going to go to Target, but once in the parking lot, the mad crowd was everywhere.  I couldn't do it.  Drove across to Lowes - where I've been BUYING our boughs ever since we trimmed all that we could from our evergreens without making them look like they were just shaved for surgery.  EC wasn't too happy with me doing all this trimming.  I just thought the branches might grow back.  Live and learn.

So every year I plan on getting them at Lowes.  They are gorgeous and last all winter into the spring, hanging outdoors in our window boxes.  $7 a bunch.


I walk up to the very cold sales clerks who are standing in the opening of the garden center, trying to stay warm.  I walk passed them and see some boughs in a box.  

I ask, in my most delicate voice, "How much are these?"

The gal responds, "free. you can take them."


"Oh, they're free.  take whatever you want."

"I'm sorry, I meant to say, "What?"

"yeah, they're the trimmings from the trees people buy....blah, blah...."


(the whole time I'm screaming in my head, thinking about all of you and how happy-dancing you would be for me, and then thinking who are these people who buy the trees and leave the boughs!!!!!)

Then, delicately, I say, "how many can I have?"

"take whatever you want."


And then with my body all scrunched up and my head cocked to the left I sheepishly say, "can I have the whole box?"



I just know you'll forgive me for all these photos.
Had to show you how happy I am.

This kinda stuff NEVER happens to me!!!!!

Look!  Tree stump coasters!!!

See you soon
I got some work to do
Yes, Anita, I will be removing the gourds today!
Onto Christmas!
Love you!


  1. Guess this means you aren't late for Christmas after all? Or is this for NEXT year?!?

    INCREDIBLE SCORE! Blast away and show us how it's done!


  2. Oh Kol.. you're a HOOT....

    We're you so happy that you were eating these boughs?!?!!? In one of the pics it looks like u had a mouth full!!

    Love ya,
    Happy decorating!

  3. omg, I can't catch my breath. I'm roflmao still.
    (But inside I'm doing a happy dance right along with you for your good fortune.) I never thought about asking for or buying boughs, but then again I have 50 foot pine trees lining my entire yard. Honestly, I never think to go cut some for the window boxes. Maybe I should go cut some branches off the Holly too? Will they last in the window boxes?

  4. Omg, this is hilarious! Hurray for you!! I snag them too when I get our tree. They always think I'm weird but gladly give them to me. Love the coasters.

    Oh crap, the gourds are going? I better hurry. Oh you just wait, I have a surprise for you missy!

    Yes Rose, the holly will last too. I have no hollies here:(

  5. Is this what provoked the FB video telling us you were SO excited and wanted to call all of us...............but then neglected to tell us WHY you were so excited? hmmmm?

    You scored a great deal there today. And such a big box too!!

  6. So I'm not the only one who drives by Target this time of year? You will have to show us what you do with the boughs! Can't wait. That is so exciting!

  7. That kinda stuff never happens to me, either. I love fresh boughs! Wish I would have been with you. I just know you'd share :) They sell them at Whole Foods for $15 a piece. OUch! Good deal, Kolein! Your pics are fun! Thanks for the laugh...

    Have fun sprucing up the!


  8. Great score! the photos are're having tons of fun...

  9. Love your Happy Dance. Can't wait to see what you do with all of them. Me, I got the Christmas tree up yesterday and it took me all dang day, Well deck the halls and be jolly!

  10. Haha, your story and pictures made me smile! I would totally do the same thing if that happened to me. "What?"

  11. Brilliant! Lucky you, I loved the story :)

  12. I love this post!! Your face is priceless... I know how you feel... it never happens to me either! And I LOVE Lowes as well!! Great score!

  13. THAT is a happy dance.

  14. You are such a ham! I just love that about you. I too was excited to get free boughs at Home Depot. Next time I will have to take pictures of my "happy dance".

  15. gave me a great giggle this morning!!!


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