Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Decor Part One

seems kinda old talking about Christmas right now
like it should be over
I freaked out for the last two weeks
and because I did
I'm pretty calm right now
what with all the shopping done
the baking started and the zillions of other little things that take hours and added extra minutes to every plan I have for just checking things off the list
but still I am calm

Christmas will be here in 3 days whether I am ready or not
For those of you who are expecting your gifts in the mail,
well just say they may be late
that does not change their gift status, however,
or my adoration for you
or my love

It's out there
my admission to tardiness, laziness, craziness

way back up there in the photo before I started rambling
I added a Santa to my "hurricane chic" toppled over chair "mantle" on top of our computer armoire
I've had him for a l-o-n-g time

this is what I did with the dried orange peels
made a twine and pine cone garland
it's aroma is - sweet as an orange

after the peels were dried and hardened I hot glued them with the pine cones to the twine

then I noticed the mesh sack the oranges had been in and thought, why not?

so I cut it into strips and there it hangs
daytime or evening it looks really neat

here's the table
(minus a chair - EC has it downstairs - gluing it)
outdoor fabric wrapped around the backs,
tied with tulle like ribbon

yes, I covered our large print in wrapping paper
everything in the DR/LR area is in the red/white/aqua colors

with a little twig thrown in

I'm hoping to do another part
there's a huge family room loaded with decorations
my calm may stay
it may go
so either part two will come
I will be posting about all the new storage ideas
I have planned for January
Can anyone say, "Large Dumpster Tote?"

Happy Christmas


  1. The decor is LOVELY :). My very favorite is the number 25 hanging with the twig wreath... with just a touch of some classy bling. Beautiful job!
    Merry Christmas! I hope your calm stays right through the new year.

  2. The twine and orange garland are adorable. I bet it smells wonderful! Nice idea to wrap the chairs like a gift! Very classic and pretty!

    Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!


  3. I love your garland with the oranges. I was looking for some whole cloves or star anise to stick into oranges. They were all out of them! I hope to find some tomorrow. I want the scent in my living room as my smell fireplace is driving me nuts. It's not dirty but we have the lingering smell of soot long after the fire is out. It's something we are told we have to live with. I hate that kind of answer!!

  4. I'm betting that Donna might actually shed a tear of pride over this. She has trained you well.

    I think that garland is fantastic. And I happen to have all of those things on hand right now, so I may just try it.

    I'm not anywhere near done with decorating. The more I drag down from storage, the worse my house looks. I currently have 6 different trees set up, and each of them have about 4 ornaments on them. I have to be done with everything by tomorrow night. And I just realized that I haven't even 'cleaned' the house yet. Oh lord, pray for me.

    Another use for those orange rinds. Put 3 cups of water in a sauce pan on the stove on high. Add about 2 oranges worth of peels, a tablespoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of nutmeg, and a tablespoon of cloves. Bring to a boil to release the "flavor", and then simmer to release the scent in the air. It lasts about 2-3 hours on the stove, but the smell lasts all day.

    Oh yeah, love that little tree. I spy twig stars! :)

    Merry Christmas my friend!

  5. Polly, I'm bawlin' here! :)

    K, your home looks lovely! And yes, I got all giddy like when I read what you did with bits and bites to your tree. Wonderful! Love your creativity towards nature in particular. The twig snowflakes are adorable!

    When's dinner? :)


  6. I absolutely ADORE your tree!!! I never would've thought to use the orange bag that creative! Though, come to think of oldest has a "thing" for mesh and would probably eat it... ;)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! :0)

  7. Kolein!
    it all looks so lovely. I am adoring this little tree of yours!
    I like the wrapped Christmas present--picture on the wall.
    Your house looks so pretty!
    Merry Christmas- Kolein!

  8. I so love all the natural/recycled decor on the tree, the twig snowflakes, the orange peel - and mesh strips, the pine cones :)


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