Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mantle is an Armoire

 First inspired armoire top,


(for me, that is)

I'm joining in on the fun over at

I was not intending to do this today.

You know how it goes...

you're grabbing boxes of tree lights and ornaments and pine cones, running too and fro to check your Facebook and gmail...

then you see this
You don't want to look because you know, deep in your soul, it will put a kink in your decorating plans.
(I never have plans, but I might.)

So I go over to Miss Mustard Seed's place and look.

Bad.  Very bad.
(in a good way)

I already had this in my life,

from Donna.

but, this is the only thing close to a mantle I've got

 Just for the record I had NO INTENTION of doing this mantle thing today.
(I'm not blaming anyone, ok)

I got inspired.
Really inspired.

Here goes.

In our crawl space in the basement, I came across the antique chair that my husband used to have in his apartment many moons ago.
We loved that little chair.
It started to lose it's strength and we couldn't get rid of it.  So it's been sitting down there for years.
I have NEVER looked at it with any inspiration before.
NEVER, I tell ya.

Til today.

You gals.

What have you done to me?
What did I let you do to me?

Here are the photos.

rusty metal numbers
twig wreath
iron candle holder
large vase from GW

our antique chair, resting on top of the armoire
threw in some real branches with the faux greenery
drapery panel underneath it all

spray painted twig "snow flakes" dangling about
(the boys and I made these the other day)
(large ones are bean pods from our garden)

this armoire sits in the middle of our life
work station
catch all
(when the doors are open, that is!)

Well, girls, it looks like I'll be decorating this holiday season!

Thank you Kevin and Layla for having the party!



  1. I really like what you put together here. I havent gotten aroung to posting pictures of my mantle yet, but I have enjoyed looking at yours.

  2. Saaaa weeeet! Good for you girl! I am soooo adoring those white twig snowflakes! I think I know what I'm putting on my tree this year. Those are the ultimate!

    Very cute mantel/armoire vignette! Go K Go!


  3. Thanks so much for the compliment. :) You know, I really like the chair on it's side. There is something quirky and unconventional about it, but it works. Almost hurricane chic (like it was blown that way, but looks perfect where it landed!) Good for you for being creative and going outside the box.

  4. What happened to our chat? You went and started! Now, I have to really get moving. I love what you did. Mantel? Who needs a stinkin mantel? You did great. I love the little snowflakes you and the kids made. They look great with all the other twiggy stuff.

  5. Well, Kolein... I was thinking you were a minimalist by the photo of your mantel but then I looked a little further. Wow, love the little old chair and the story behind it. Nice that you kept it. I like that you put it on it's side. Wish I had an armoire, haha! Looks beautiful!


  6. Like Miss Mustard Seed said, "there's something quirky about you-er-er, I mean "it".! :) Chair on it's side is definitely unexpected, but has a punch of fun to it.

    Love the twig snowflakes! I'll bet you a dollar to a donut right now, those are gonna hit blogland like a wildfire on a windy day! I think it would be neat to do a post on how you did those with the boys.

    I'm almost inspired to get up and decorate my own mantle! But then I'd have to go upstairs and dig thru those boxes.....and turn my living room back into a living room (it's currently set up as a shop for a holiday sale). Nah, I'll pass. I think I'll just live thru everybody else this year.

    Very cute, thrifty, and rustic idea. Love it.

  7. Love the vignette, love the writing. Reading blogs can lead to all kinds of sidetracks.

  8. The Chair, that's darling. The whole thing is so creative and cute. Don't ya just love blogs? You should see the "Coop"... I have stuff strung from one end to the other. It was fun checking out your blog.

  9. I think it looks great. I love using little chairs to decorate with. When we had the shop we would hang a chair on the wall and use it like a shelf, you can be as creative as you let yourself be. Good luck on the house hunt. My step mother used to live in Holly and she loved it. My kids had a blast in the snow too, they can't wait to go sledding.

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  11. You have my chair! I have the exact same kids chair. I put the twine seat on it myself. Why haven't you used it before now? Put the kids in charge of decorating your "mantel" It will be a math problem. Ann

  12. I am really inspired by your post..Flower arranging can be tricky, but a good starting point is to ensure you choose the best flower vase to show off your flower bouquet.

  13. I use the top of our armoire as a mantle too! Great minds think alike. :)


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