Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TwEeT- tWeEt- TwEeT

up inside one of our evergreens, sat this sTWEETy
can you spot her?

did some outdoor decorating, the edible kind
for our feathered and furry friends
something SWEET to EAT
orange slices
cranberry nut ornaments


Orange Ornaments
Slice oranges
stick with twist ties

Cranberry Nut Ornaments
melt lard in sauce pan
add nuts & cranberries
pour warm liquid in molds (egg carton)
freeze for 10 minutes
insert twist tie
freeze again until solid

Hang on tree!

Popcorn Garland
pop large kernel popcorn
string with needle and thread
I didn't have the patience for more than one strand
We have a vat of popcorn sitting on the counter
can someone say, "Movie Night!"?

Whimsy Bird Painting

my third painting EVER

How do you do with the birds?
(this is a repost...hope you enjoyed it!)


  1. Your painting is so great, Kolein. Such a sweet birdy.

    I bet the birdies love you for feeding them. We have put pinecones with peanut butter and birdseed out for them.

  2. Your whimsical art is right up my alley. Love that bird! You have a talent, you know. I grew up with a dad who is bird obsessed with all kinds of feeders, etc so we do try and feed them around here. I haven't done oranges though! I'll have to try that. :) I love love love ALL bird decor.

  3. Your bird just oozes with cute! What a sweet painting. I can't believe it's only your 3rd. It reminds me of paintings we see here in Ft. Collins. Lots of local artists and talent. He would fit right in. Birds of a feather...

    If our birds see your post... they will be doing things to my car, haha! I know I say this a lot but I'm definitely going to slice up some oranges tonight and do the same.

    Your post made me smile :) SEE!!!

    Have a sweet night, friend!

  4. Oh my gosh, and you paint too...? Well, you are one very creative lady. I can see that lil' birdie in a nursery. I love watching the birds year round and will make some lard popcycles too. Have a great night cause you've been busy!

  5. Hmmm, I didn't realize that you were supposed to make the outdoor edibles with lard. I've been using water - no wonder my birds aren't too happy with them. I'll have to correct that.

    Love the little painting. Do I sense an etsy shop coming on anytime soon? :)

  6. What a great idea! I am going to have to make treats for the birds. Love the bird painting.

  7. Cute Kolein! love the painting.

    As for the birds, well, I try and feed them-- I put out seeds for them in feeders. We have tried the peanut butter pine cones too. We feed the squirrels too. We give leave them nuts and corn.

  8. *blink*

    Do you see what I see? I see an artist at work.

    Keep going! They are fabulous!!!

    And I love your bird snack recipes. How cool! I just saw a bird in our birdbath and I had been wondering where he/she would find its next meal. Hmm...


  9. Cute birdie painting! Love it!

    And I really love your food treats/outdoor decor! Lucky little birdies :)


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