Sunday, December 5, 2010

Favorite Things!

My wish is that something on this little list inspires you today!

Here are some of my favorite things:

Find out who in your circle LOVES to read.  Find out what they love to read about OR who their favorite author is.  Buy a book, wrap it pretty...add a bookmark with the gift or make one!
tea stained bookmarks


print out a famous quote by that author or a favorite line in the book or a picture of the book cover (you can go on line and type in the book/author's name to get that info) or the title of their favorite book...paste it to some nice scrapbook paper or parchment paper and frame it!


Hand Written Cards about (insert name)  .  In a moment of inspiration I began doing this for friends.  Writing about who they are and what they mean to me.  A few of these friends have reciprocated this meaningful gesture.  Those cards are on my bulletin board or mirror to read over and over to remind myself of who I am - to them and to myself.  Our friends really do know us the best!  They speak the truth with open hearts!

Purchase a box of gorgeous cards.  It's more economical that way. I have found that Barnes and Noble has the most gorgeous box sets of blank cards.  Find some quiet time and write about your friend/family member.  Use a piece of scrap paper first or type the words on the computer until you express exactly what you mean to say.  Then, transfer the words to the card.  Include a picture of you and your friend or family member if you have one.  Decorate the envelope with ribbon or twine.

Beautiful Chocolate

I know this will most likely be on everyone's list.  We're women, for one.  It helps us in our daily lives, for two.  We NEED to eat it, three and .... I guess there does not have to be any more reasons.

Wrap a chocolate bar in a pretty doily or towel or small piece of fabric or ladies handkerchief.  Instant gift!


Christmas Caroling I LOVE going Christmas caroling.  We go every year with our boys' home school group. Before children, we would collect a group of friends and go around the neighborhood.  It is one of the warmest gatherings.(usually on the coldest night of the year. brrr!) Every door that welcomes the music of the season is touched. Seeing the faces of the children and the older folks at the door is a sight of light and joy! I wouldn't miss singing out in the snow for the presence that is felt - truly a gift!

Grab a bunch of friends, practice 2 or 3 Christmas songs, pick a night and go sing to your neighbors.  Afterwards you can gather at someone's house for cookies & hot cocoa!  It's nice to do with a category of friends - all the moms and dads and kids, or all the single friends you have or your girlfriends or guy friends or whoever wants to join in.  Usually 2 songs is the limit for folks standing with the door open.  Have a third at the ready, for encores!!!!

Live music. In our city we have the delights of the Eastman Theatre and Kilbourn Hall.  Many concerts are FREE.  OR we visit a coffee house.  Make a date with a friend or your honey, sip something warm and listen.  It's a wonderful relaxer during the holiday season.  During this time of the year, specials are offered at music halls for upcoming performances in January. Get a ticket for the two of you as a gift!  Check the local churches in the area, too, for Christmas concerts. Many times these performances are FREE!

OR at our house we'll have an evening of music with our friends.  We make some food, invite friends over and JAM! If you're not a musician, play some CD's with holiday music and have a small gathering! Buy a box of ornaments and hand out one to each guest, wrapped in tissue paper, tied with some twine!

Specialty items
For the cooks in our family and circle of friends we make  - sugars, salts, peppers, vinegars, oils, sauces, jellies, etc.  This year I'm making quite the batch of homemade baking vanilla!  It is by far the EASIEST thing I have ever made as a gift!!(And I make LOTS of presents for people!!!)

tutorial to follow in the next day or so!

These are just a few of my favorite things.  I hope some of them inspire you to add to your list of gifts!  I may be adding to this list as my brain is on overdrive now with ideas.  If I do, I will post more here!

Happy Creating!

I'll be over here a lot this holiday season

SOURCES for all pictures from the web are right here!


  1. Very creative and thoughtful gift ideas, Kolein! I'm looking forward to your vanilla tutorial! The pure stuff is so expensive and we all use this for our baking.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I would expect no less than such perfect personal gift ideas from you. Each one is so well thought out and has such sweet elements to it.

    I want to be at your house on Christmas morning! I bet it's so much fun!

  3. Thoughtful and inspiring ideas to give as gifts.

    I would take a chocolate bar without the wrapping though :) I'm not fancy... haha!

    Beautiful bookmarks! I heart books! I was reading a note my son wrote me in Kindergarten... it said, "my mom loves books". Brought tears to my eyes because he's almost 12. Sorry...

    Anyway, I'll be looking for your homemade vanilla tute! I'm so curious as how to make it. I just love the smell, too!


  4. Love your favorite things! I can't wait to see your recipe for the vanilla. Glad to know it's easy.

    Hope you are doing well, my friend.

    "Keep on singing, don't stop singing, you're gonna be a star someday"...

  5. LOve the ideas Kolein! It is a big homemade Christmas around here this year, the whole chickenwire thing, hehe.

  6. Love your ideas Kolein! I love a simple, yet meaningful Christmas...all of your ideas are very thoughtful and sweet! :)

  7. Lovely ideas Kolein, I especially like the handwritten cards idea :)


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